Livin' Local Page


As part of your community we buy local & invite you to do the same. Here's why:

Help Out The Environment

Shopping locally means driving less and saving gas, which leads to less pollution, congestion, and habitat loss.

Keep Money In Your Neighborhood

Significantly more money recirculates locally when purchases are made at locally owned , rather than nationally owned businesses.  Locally owned business purchase more often from other local business, services and farms.

Support Your Community

Each of our stores contributes a great deal to their community's youth groups, schools and other non-profit organizations, plus they are truly invested in their community's future.

Sustain & Create Local Jobs

We employ homegrown talent and provide products from local companies who do the same.

Better Quality & Service

We strive to provide the freshest quality products and exceptional service for our community.

Keep Your Community Unique

Each of our Grocery Stores are one of a kind, and help keep your community a special place to live.

Preserve Hometown Character

Small local farms, wineries, ranches, bakeries, stores and growers are a valuable part of your community's character.  When local shoppers patronize local businesses they help maintain agricultural, community and family heritage.

Thank you for choosing your locally-owned, independent grocer!